Our willpower is to comprehend who we were, what fundamentals influenced us and especially which was the true meaning of them.
We implanted the basics in an object full of culture, to challenge all the system of duplicity in which the only reason of one project is to add something that seems different, it does not matter what.


We believe that it is what we accomplish to redefine the value of design.
We combined history and progress together after reinforcing the hierarchy of values and having understood which was the most important among them.
If we think that 80% of the information we receive come from our eyes, we can understand how the majority of the things we know is coming from objects, moments and gazes.
ABOT realizes values, it is an experience, it is a philosophy.


The circle represented and still represents today the eternity, having no beginning either ends. It is a figure essentially unstable –the circle creates “routismi”- because even if it is considered the simplest of the curves, the mathematicians recognize it as a polygon that has an infinite number of sides.

A handmade circle depicted the cleverness and the skills of a man, Giotto.


It is the existence and the explanation of the fleeting, the identity, the reason of things, the uniformity.
Geometry lets us construct the real objects in the three-dimensional space and for this reason it is really important for ABOT.
Geometry defines the reason of the form justifying the existence of it.


The biggest heritage humanity gave us, the tool on which the greatest ideas take form, the support for artists, scientists, intellectuals, revolutionaries and nostalgic people.
Paper is the component that all of us share and it continues to develop and grow with pride even if we are dealing with it beyond 2 centuries.
Today, ABOT is trying to imagine the future and we are grateful to create something that derives from the human knowledge.


We redesigned the peak function- making it a structural element that thanks to the structure of the paper gives an unusual meaning of rigidity and strength to the entire cap.
When you lift ABOT up or you wear it, you will immediately notice the Blac® -a very light and highly refined sheet of black velvet placed in the circumference.
In addition to its great aesthetic qualities, the Blac is an optimal material to prevent the purity of ABOT from sweat or other disadvantages.
We have searched, identified and selected the best sort of papers to be able to get a unique object in his genre.


We believe that simplicity is an arrival point, not a starting point.
We combined a beautiful design with deep technical solutions, therefore we removed all negligible circumstances.
We Created, Designed and Developed ABOT as a product with absolutely no parallel, indeed it is impossible to draw the border between ABOT and his being.
With ABOT you will notice a completely new arrangement of the components because the perfect Geometry ® redefines the idea of a cap, justifying its form and going beyond the challenges to create a unique product.


For the first time, we have realized not only a product of great lightness and great resistance for its shape, but also a reason, a justification, a background.
We worked hard to understand the historical and cultural meaning of wearing a hat, and this is what has influenced our expectations.
For us, this is just a great beginning. We believe that the way you look at things completely changes the result of the observation.

Ludovico Campana Designer

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